Midcontinent Express Pipeline (MEP)

Midcontinent Express Pipeline LLC (MEP) is an interstate natural gas pipeline company. MEP’s system consists of a 510-mile natural gas pipeline that originates near Bennington, Oklahoma, and terminates at an interconnection with Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line near Butler, Alabama. MEP has five compressor stations along its system totaling approximately 144,000 horsepower.

Kinder Morgan owns 50 percent of MEP and Energy Transfer Partners owns 50 percent.

Services provided
  • Firm Transportation Service
  • Interruptible Transportation Service
  • Park and Loan Service
  • Interruptible Balancing
Nominations / Confirmations

Richard Williams, Director
(713) 369-9283
(713) 369-9683

Business Management – Service/Pricing/Invoice Information

Carl Haga
(205) 325-7544

PALS Information and Pricing

Mark Wilson
(713) 420-7205

Business Development

Mike Varagona
(205) 325-7185

Gas Transportation: Contract/Agency Agreement / Capacity Release

For information regarding new and existing gas transportation contracts, agency agreements, and capacity release timelines, offers, bidding, please contact: #RequestServices@kindermorgan.com.

Gas Control or Pipeline Emergencies:


For additional information such as business development contacts, customer activities and information postings, please visit Kinder Morgan's Pipeline Interactive Website.