Keystone Gas Storage

Kinder Morgan Keystone Gas Storage (KGS) is a high deliverability, multi-turn bedded salt cavern natural gas storage facility located in the Permian Basin and near the Waha natural gas trading hub in West Texas. The KGS facility has seven bedded salt caverns, contains approximately 8.6 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of total gas storage capacity and has a working natural gas storage capacity of approximately 6.4 Bcf. The KGS storage facility is connected to three large interstate natural gas pipelines – El Paso Natural Gas, Transwestern Pipeline Company and Northern Natural Gas Company.

Services Provided:

Keystone offers Firm, Interruptible storage services, including long-term storage, parks and loans, wheeling services and balancing agreements with its existing pipeline connections.


Business Management:

  • Will Brown, VP Business Management, (719) 520-4250
  • Tim Dorpinghaus, Director - Commercial, (719) 520-4245

Business Development:

  • Greg Ruben, VP Business Development (719) 520-4870

Business Development - Projects:

  • Laine Lobban (719) 520-4344
  • Tony Sanabria (719) 667-7582
  • Ken Ulrich (719) 520-3712

Business Development - Interconnects:

  • Kim Wetzel (719) 520-4552

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1087
Colorado Springs, CO 80944

Street Address:

2 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Fax Number:

(719) 520-3792

Gas Control or Pipeline Emergencies:


For additional information such as customer activities and information postings, please visit Kinder Morgan's Pipeline Interactive Website.