TransColorado Gas Transmission (TransColorado)

TransColorado is a 310-mile natural gas pipeline system that extends from the Greasewood area pipeline interconnects in Rio Blanco County, Colorado, to a point of interconnection with El Paso Natural Gas, Transwestern and Southern Trails interstate pipelines at the Blanco Hub located in San Juan County, New Mexico.

Services provided:

  • Firm Transportation Service
  • Interruptible Transportation Service
  • Park and Loan Service


Business Management:

  • Will Brown, VP Business Management, (719) 520-4250
  • Tim Dorpinghaus, Director - Commercial, (719) 520-4245

Business Development:

  • Greg Ruben, VP Business Development (719) 520-4870

Business Development - Projects:

  • Laine Lobban (719) 520-4344
  • Tony Sanabria (719) 667-7582
  • Ken Ulrich (719) 520-3712

Business Development - Interconnects:

  • Kim Wetzel (719) 520-4552

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1087
Colorado Springs, CO 80944

Street Address:

2 North Nevada Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Fax Number:

(719) 520-3792

Gas Control or Pipeline Emergencies:


For additional information such as customer activities and information postings, please visit Kinder Morgan's Pipeline Interactive Website.