What is transmix?

Transmix is a mixture of refined products that forms when transported in pipelines. This mixture is typically a combination of gasoline, diesel, and/or jet fuel. Transmix processing plants use distillation to separate the products. These distillation products are further treated to form saleable gasoline and diesel.

Transmix disposal

Kinder Morgan offers a fully integrated solution to price, schedule, pickup, transport, and process transmix from terminals and pipelines.

Buying Gasoline and Diesel from Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan markets the transmix products (gasoline and diesel) to a variety of customers. The Conventional Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending (CBOB) grade gasoline can be sold in tank or over the rack through spot, contract, or terminal posting transactions. The diesel presently sold is a low sulfur diesel fuel (containing up to 500 parts per million (ppm) sulfur). Since June 1, 2014, federal regulations limit the sale of low sulfur diesel fuel to heating oil, locomotive and marine markets. Heating oil sales may be further restricted by state mandated sulfur limits. The sale of low sulfur diesel fuel into the locomotive and marine markets requires an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliance plan, which in part, requires that the fuel is segregated from ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and specifies an approved chain of custody and usage of the product. Kinder Morgan has approved EPA compliance plans in place as required for each site and can submit modifications to the EPA for new low sulfur diesel customers.